Linking Sounds and Letters

Children develop the ability to distinguish between sounds and become familiar with rhyme, rhythm and alliteration. They develop understanding of the correspondence between spoken and written sounds and learn to link sounds and letters.


Children should understand and enjoy stories, books and rhymes and recognise that print carries meaning.


Children build an understanding of the relationship between the spoken and written work. They begin by making marks and drawing. This is the way children’s random marks, lines and drawings develop and form the basis of recognisable letters.


We follow the Letter & Sounds Programme. Through this we develop the children’s listening skills to enable them to hear, identify and repeat letter sounds. Focusing on letter sounds, rather than the letter names is a more useful pre-reading skill.

Mr Zigger & Mr Zagger:

We use Pie Corbet story telling techniques and signs with the children. They love this approach and they learn a lot about how stories work and have great fun. Please click the link below to see a demonstration by Pie telling the story of Mr Zigger & Mr Zagger.


Watch Mr Zigger and Mr Zagger