2018/2019 Latest News

As part of our ECO schools project, each child was given a battery recycling box to collect old, used batteries.  Once filled, they brought the boxes back to Nursery and prizes were awarded to those children that collected the most in each group.  We had a fantastic response and counted a total of 1949 batteries, weighing in at 40.8kgs!  The battery collection bin, located in reception, will remain as a collection point for recycling batteries, so parents and children can carry on the good work.  Below are photos of the event including winners from each group. 

   Battery box   Reggie and Malik  Lola Rose  Leo  Simrat  

            Bees and Caterpillars am  Fishpm  Bees and Caterpillars pm 

                                         Ladybirds and Butterflies  Seahorses