Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

Happy to be Here - To play, learn, care, share and be ourselves

Cippenham Nursery School aims to provide a happy, secure stimulating environment, which will support and challenge the children in their exploration of the world around them. Through play and through interaction with a friendly and knowledgeable adult, the child can further his/her skills and understanding without fear of failing.

Play is children’s work; it is natural, essential and instinctive. Children learn through play. They learn willingly and learn much. Children learn to co-operate, learn ideas and to express their feelings and frustrations. They learn to fantasize and use their imagination, to imitate, share, to experiment and to explore and communicate with others.

They develop their language and physical skills and learn creative thinking across the curriculum. This basic learning is an essential part of the educational process that goes on, not only in school, but also throughout life.