What Parents Say About Us

What Parents Say About Us

We have received very positive comments from families whose children have attended the Nursery from September 2018 to July 2019.

Here are some excerpts from the comments which are typical:

***has blossomed during his time at nursery.  The change in him since the start of term is huge.  He has grown and matured, we are very thankful for all your support and teachings.  His understanding of social environments, right/wrong situations, compassion, confidence, are just a few of the areas that we have really noticed him excel in.  Thank you to all that have helped in guiding and supporting *** he is now a little boy ready for big school!!

More funding to the nursery for them to bless more children and keep up their wonderful works.

From last Sept 18 to July 19 I feel *** has progressed more and is always willing to have a go.  She will recount what she has learnt during her day at nursery and will show her younger brother her learning.  A very big 'Thank You' to the staff at Cippenham Nursery for everything they have done in preparation for Reception. 

I am pleased with the progress of my child.  He is very attached to his teacher ***  She is so good and nice and helpful.  Whenever I speak to her she gives me good advice.  The best nursery for every child.

I feel the nursery has gone above and beyond to help with the issues and concerns I have had with ***'s behaviour and has used a kind and productive approach.  I feel great improvement has been made since he started and am very grateful for this.

A wonderful nursery, my son has been very happy here.  Fantastic teachers, professional and caring.

*** has loved coming to nursery since his brother attended 2 years ago.  It's a wonderful, warm and welcoming environment and *** has gained so much confidence whilst in the care of the wonderful teaching staff.  He (and I) will really miss coming to nursery every day!

Pleasure having *** at this brilliant nursery.

*** really enjoyed a lot in the nursery.  She learnt very well.  We saw a lot of changes in her behaviour and now she is well disciplined.  She is doing drawing, paintings, pretend play etc.  Thank you so much for teachers who helped her in every time and every aspect, they taught really well.  Definitely *** will miss her teachers and nursery.

***'s confidence has grown since joining nursery.  We are very grateful to the teachers and staff involved here at the nursery.  The patience and hard work really shows.

*** has enjoyed her time here and is sad to leave.  Thank you to each and everyone of you, you are special people.

*** loves going to this nursery.  She has learnt loads.  Thank you to all the teachers.  She will miss being here but hopefully enjoy school just as much as here.  

Now, what can I say, both my children have been to this nursery, I can't compliment it enough.  The staff are amazing, very friendly and approachable.  *** has become so much more confident and has really come out of her shell and I am so pleased at how much she has learned at such a young age.  Thank you all so much for taking such great care of both of my girls, I will really miss you all when *** moves to the primary.  I would definitely recommend this nursery to other parents as it is exceptional.  

At the beginning *** was a bit reserved, played with certain children.  Over the course of the first term *** worked with the children to get them settled.  *** has gone from being a bit shy to a very confident, healthy eating boy.  The only downside of being at nursery is that *** doesn't want to come home!!!  He loves going, spending time, making new friends, very hands on with craft.  ***'s immediate teacher *** is amazing at what she does.  He absolutely adores her.  Thank you for having him, can't fault the nursery.  All staff are amazing!!   

We are very satisfied with our daughter's performance at her nursery school.  The staff and her teacher are all very supportive and show keen interest in development of kids' daily activities.  *** always praises her teacher *** and *** at home.  Sometimes she amazes us with the things she learnt at school.  We all very thankful to *** and all staff at nursery.  

As ***'s parents we have noticed a remarkable improvement in his ability to hold a meaningful conversation with others.  His confidence to express his own views or opinions has also significantly improved.  We do really appreciate your hard work, thank you very much.

*** is always happy to come to nursery.  She loved all her teachers.  She's been taught so well at nursery, never had any complaint all through the year, always seen happy faces.  *** had a lovely learning year at Cippenham Nursery School.  I will 100% recommend to other parents.

*** has made fantastic progress during his time at Cippenham Nursery.  He feels comfortable and his confidence has improved.  We know he will miss all of his teachers but he will take his new knowledge and skills with him when he starts juniors.

Amazing staff and facilities for children.  Has definitely improved over the years.  I would recommend this nursery to everyone!

We love this nursery!  Teachers are amazing, always attentive to each individual child and their families.  *** loves coming to nursery and we will miss it very much!

I am extremely pleased with both the education and care *** has received since joining Cippenham Nursery, he has developed and progressed rapidly.  I feel *** is challenged, encouraged and supported and this has allowed him to grow and learn because he is in a positive, safe and caring environment.  We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers and staff at Cippenham Nursery, thank you for teaching and taking care of ***.

The nursery offers children an opportunity to learn, forge relationships, follow rules, take instruction and host of many skills they need for the future.  The teachers are dedicated, patient and person-centred in their approach.  I am so pleased in my daughter's development and cannot thank the Cippenham Nursery and management enough for all their help and support.  Lovely fun environment.

These extracts are all taken from parent feedback forms completed in July 2019.