What Parents Say About Us

What Parents Say About Us

We have received very positive comments from families whose children have attended the Nursery from September 2017 to July 2018.

Here are some excerpts from the comments which are typical:

--- has developed and progressed well at Nursery.  He has become a dependent, well mannered little boy thanks to the help of everyone at Cippenham Nursery School.

Outstanding and highly recommended to other parents.

Definitely would recommend this nursery.  --- has come a long way and has absolutely loved her time here.  The staff are SIMPLY BRILLIANT.  Hats off to you all!  Thank you.

Happy to be here.  Sad to leave.  Excited to go to next class.  Thumbs up to all the staff for their hard work.  Keep up the good work!

I have loved seeing --- flourish and grow in such a lovely environment.

--- learnt new things at Nursery.  She enjoys her time.  At nursery she learnt to co-ordinate with other children.

The nursery is outstanding.  --- has been so happy here.  All the teachers are so kind and caring.  Mrs Zulfquar is lovely, very natural and the children think the world of her.  Thank you.

My child has really developed since he has joined the nursery.  The teachers have supported him immensely during his time.  They have my child's best interest.  --- really enjoys school and will miss them very much.

The teacher and staff is really kind and supportive.

My son has had a fantastic year and his development has grown.  His key workers have been so supportive and I feel confident when I drop him off in the morning.  He is more than ready for infant school as a result of the support from staff here.  Thanks for everything.

The practitioners are very friendly, they do care about the children.

I strongly recommend Cippenham Nursery School.  The staff is very kind and responsive.  Teachers are excellent in their roles, especially Mrs Dhaliwal and Mrs Orsman - a special thanks to both of you for moulding our son --- for what he is today.  Since day 1 to till this time, they were very caring and helpful for each and everything.  As foreigners we were really worried about his English speaking and understanding.  Though it took a while to cope with new environment, it came out in a fantastic way.  Now he talks a lot.  We are really thankful to the teaching faculty of Cippenham Nursery School.  We wish all the success to nursery team for their new ventures.

I am really enjoy that school send children pictures by e-mail and that I can see what my child doing then I am speaking with my daughter and she explain what she was doing and how she feels like. 

Great support network, going to miss you all.  Supportive staff.  Enjoyed every minute.  --- has enjoyed his time at nursery.  Janet has been fantastic with ---.

I'm very happy and proud of ---'s progress.  He has learned and achieved so much.  All the staff are caring and friendly and --- is always happy to come to Nursery.

--- has loved her time at nursery.  There has been a huge change in --- since she started nursery.  Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and providing such a great atmosphere for the children to learn.

--- has had an amazing 1½ yrs here.  She has learnt so much, made lovely friends and adores her teachers.  A special mention to Mrs Gill for her guidance and support, you've been amazing!  As well as Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Nagra for cultivating ---'s imagination!  Thank you ever so much and we look forward to having ---'s sister --- at the nursery next year!

I have had three children attend this Nursery and could not be happier!  The staff have been amazing and nurtured each of my children with exceptional results.  Thank you sincerely!!

These extracts are all taken from parent feedback forms completed in July 2018.