What Parents Say About Us

What Parents Say About Us

We have received very positive comments from families whose children have attended the Nursery from September 2021 - July 2022

Please see below Parent Feedback Survey Findings:

2021 2022 Parent Feedback

Here are some excerpts from the comments which are typical:

We cannot thank the staff enough for the love and support given to xxxxxxx, especially Mrs Orsman!

I have found all the teachers I have dealt with very friendly and approachable, including the office staff, they are all a credit to the establishment

The experience I have had at this nursery has been fantastic, the staff are amazing, very caring and understanding. We haven't had the easiest or smoothest year at nursery due to home issues, however the staff have been so caring and understanding which made everything so much easier. I can not wait for my second child to join this nursery. I have seen great improvement in xxxx development at this nursery. I haven't ever had a problem from the nursery, they have always kept me informed of any updates or changes. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at the nursery especially xxxxx teacher Mrs Badhan, she has been a great help and made xxxx feel very special and settled her well. I would definitely recommend the nursery to everyone and anyone as it is a fantastic nursery. Thanks to the amazing staff. Well done and thank you so much!

xxxx loves nursery so much so she asks to go at weekends! She will be so sad to leave. As her parents we love all the staff, they have been so amazing! We will miss you all.

xxxx says, "why don’t you move house with me?" I think that comment shows how much he has enjoyed his time at nursery. He talks so confidently about his learning at nursery and always mentions the adults he works with. Mrs Zulfquar, Mrs Lacey, Miss Hammett and Mrs Tang. We have seen a great improvement in his speech. He loves his forest school afternoons and being outside.

All teachers are excellent. Thank you for looking after my child. He is much more confident than before.

It has been an absolute pleasure bringing xxxx here.

Thank you for supporting xxxxx, we can see his progress and we are grateful for the help from everyone.

The management and staff are very helpful, co-operative and have worked with us to bring the best in my child and overcome his inhibitions. Please keep up the good work.

My daughter enjoys nursery so much, so I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed to my child's growth and curiosity for learning. I value your work so much!

I am so very pleased with xxxx progress. Mrs Crucefix has supported her brilliantly as have the other staff. I am sad her nursery days are over.

Would definitely recommend this nursery. My child was very well supported and his progress has improved a lot. Mrs Panesar got us through the difficulties at the right time and worked with him very well. I cant thank her enough.

 My child loves time spent at nursery, she always comes home saying she had lots of fun and learnt new things. The nursery helped her in many ways and always kept me updated with photographs. She loved her teachers the most for always helping her.